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Welcome to Mindset Magic.

Since the spring of 2006, I have been writing a bi-weekly seasonal golf column for the Medicine Hat News, and until now, I would step away from my keyboard when the snow was flying.

This winter will be different however, it marks the start of a new chapter in my writing.

My core coaching philosophy applies to far more than just golf, it fits all facets of life and sport regardless of the competitive arena. I have been encouraged as of late, to consider sharing my coaching perspectives as they apply to common scenarios present today with sports parents, athletes, coaches, officials and organizations.

What is my core coaching philosophy?

I do not teach golf swings, I coach people…who just happen to be swinging a golf club.

I work with the person, rather than the player, helping them understand themselves, their bodies and the process of growing toward their future vision of themselves.

This is what mindset coaching is all about, embracing the fact we are unable to separate our body from our mind so we must coach them in sync. The only thing more important than doing things right is to ensure you are doing the right things.

While I do follow generic concepts from my favourite sports psychologists at times, I certainly do not pretend to be one. Much the same way telling a client to consider adding a 10-minute walk to their morning routine does not make me a personal trainer. I simply work with clients as a thinking partner, using personal experience and learnings from my 20 plus years as a parent, entrepreneur, coach, and performer to help them reach the success and growth they desire

Why am I so passionate about coaching people?

I am no different than the people I work with. According to a dear friend and coach of mine, each one of us has a mess somewhere in our lives, and that mess contains some powerful perspectives which others may benefit from hearing.  Coaching and mentoring is simply a willingness to share one’s insight.

Until next month, chew on this thought: You can’t control the world around you. You can only control the one within you. By doing so, you allow yourself to influence the things around you.

Originally published in the Medicine Hat News on October 3, 2019


Have the BEST day you can!

Trevor Moore, CPGA, TPI-CGFI, CFI



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