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Dave Kaplan,

Golf’s version of David Blaine!

Grant Buchanan, Up! 97.7FM

Talk about audience involvement. Trevor has the ability to make people in the very back row feel like they’re sitting right up front.

Lisa Kamperman

Having Trevor as the emcee for our event was the best decision we made; He worked as part of our team!

Roxanne Dow

Hiring Trevor was one of the best decisions I ever made for our event!

Terra Rogowski, Talent Manager

Trevor co-hosted the Opening Ceremonies for the 2008 Alberta Summer Games.  He is one of the most flexible entertainers I’ve ever worked with; He can adapt to any situation at

Paul Heywood, Director of Theatre Operations

There are three rules to good comedy.  1. Beat your audience to the punch line at all times.  2. Be real.  3. Be funny. Trevor is all of the above

Kim Johnston, Announcer

Not only is Trevor Moore a dynamic entertainer with a creative flair, but he’s also a fantastic member of the community.  His contributions to the sports & entertainment fields are

Tara Williams, Owner

Trevor Moore IS his brand and it comes through in all his actions and interactions. He is always professional, both online and face-to-face.

Blair McDowell, Director of Golf / General Manager

Trevor Moore is a uniquely talented speaker and entertainer who has the ability to engage his audience with a creative blend of humour, magic and anecdotes. He truly is one

Bob Graham, partner

Trevor is a natural, both with his magic and his comedy.

Vince Kishimoto

Trevor was a real pro to work with. He provided a hilarious opening to our conference and kept everyone fascinated and amazed.

Jack Lane

Trevor Moore’s magic and comedy along with his insight into the game of golf make him a triple threat for any golf function.