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Bring a practical and tactical approach to your life, leadership and learning event!

A refreshing look at life, leadership and learning through the eyes of an entrepreneur, speaker, mindset coach, family man, chronic pain warrior, mental health advocate, and over-thinker in recovery. [ Back to services menu ] 


From his experience as a chronic pain warrior (CRPS) and mental health advocate and coach, Trevor knows too well that when facing challenges and adversity in our lives, we will rely heavily on our habits, self-care routines, and mindset.

He helps athletes, entrepreneurs and adults who are navigating stress, overwhelm and burnout, find traction in their day and re-energize their life goals and personal growth. He believes success, health and wellness are inside jobs and empowers people to take ownership of the path their life is heading.

His coaching philosophy is grounded in his patient optimism and infectious energy. Trevor gets it, success is subjective and no two days, people, or circumstances are the same. Honest and loving realism will always win in the end; Trevor’s simple and straightforward approach to life, leadership and learning offers a refreshing and hopeful look at the opportunities ahead.

Through analogies, metaphors, visuals, and experiential storytelling, he helps his clients find perspective and develop sustainable pathways forward. Trevor leverages his childlike curiosity, calming presence, and creative mind, to weave messages and meaning into his work.

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Trevor Moore IS his brand and it comes through in all his actions and interactions. He is always professional, both online and face-to-face.

Tara Williams, Owner
React Consulting

Not only is Trevor Moore a dynamic entertainer with a creative flair, but he’s also a fantastic member of the community.  His contributions to the sports & entertainment fields are truly remarkable.

Kim Johnston, Announcer

Golf’s version of David Blaine!

Dave Kaplan

Talk about audience involvement. Trevor has the ability to make people in the very back row feel like they’re sitting right up front.

Grant Buchanan
Up! 97.7FM – Calgary’s Feel Good Radio Station

Trevor always puts on a great show. I know it’s been a success when staff continue to laugh and talk about the show several days later.

Kelly Almer, Manager

Trevor Moore’s magic and comedy along with his insight into the game of golf make him a triple threat for any golf function.

Jack Lane, Championships Manager