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"Golf's Version of David Blaine!"
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Trevor Moore was once referred to as “Golf’s version of David Blaine!” by Dave Kaplan of

His unique background as a professional entertainer, golf coach and PGA of Canada member allows him to comfortably connect and engage with golf audiences on many levels…bottom line, he gets people, he understands golf and knows what it takes to be professional and entertaining.

Since becoming a professional entertainer in 2005, Trevor has performed all over Canada at corporate golf events, headlined comedy clubs and festivals, shared large theatre stages with Saturday Night Live legends, taken the stage for large arena productions of 6000+ and he would love to take the stage at golf conference or event for you!

How can he support your event and add another level of WOW for your guests?


Have Trevor positioned at a strategic anchored location on the golf course to keep players relaxed, entertained and engaged while they patiently wait out on-course delays.

He will keep your guests relaxed with his interactive and visual close-up magic using cards, coins and other everyday objects.  His understanding of golf and its on-course flow make him an ideal “traffic cop” as he performs for groups, keeping them appropriately spaced as they work through the standard log jams on driveable par-4’s, reachable par-5’s or food and beverage tents.

Another variation is to have him on a cart marshalling throughout the course, performing whenever and wherever he comes across tee box delays, etc.  This also works great when paired with “The Heckling Hitman” option you will read about further down the page.


Have Trevor professionally guide your agenda on event day and he will put you and your fellow organizers at ease, providing peace of mind and time to relax and network with your guests.

As a professional entertainer and PGA of Canada professional, Trevor is uniquely equipped to engage golf audiences on multiple levels. He understands audience engagement, the game of golf and event agendas, which make him an ideal “triple-threat” any time he is handed the microphone at a golf function.

Perhaps you also need someone to facilitate a breakout session or moderate a guest-panel Q & A session…these fit nicely with the role of Emcee.


Have Trevor perform a unique blend of stand-up magic and comedy at your awards dinner.  Some say he is a magician, others say he is a comedian…but everyone says he is entertaining.

His delivery is both professional and corporate-friendly, which make his performances suitable for virtually any audience or venue, regardless of size or demographic.  The entire performance thrives upon audience interaction and will leave your guests feeling like they were literally a part of the show itself.

After a long day of golf, a short and light performance after supper is a great way to re-energize your guests for the formal awards portion of the evening.  This blends perfectly with the role of Emcee…he already has the microphone in his hand anyway.


Have Trevor directly aid in your fundraising efforts by participating on-course during play, with all money raised going directly back to the cause.  The ideas are only limited by your imagination; however, a few common ones to consider…

THE DESIGNATED HITTER – Place Trevor on a pre-determined hole and have him hit tee shots with each group.  Teams are given the option of hiring him to be their “Designated Hitter” on that hole.  Once hired, the team strategically determines which player they would like him to hit the tee shot for on that hole.  Multiple payments mean multiple options.

THE CHALLENGER – Set Trevor up on a par-3 tee, put up a raffle prize and sell tickets to the players on the tee. Any player buying a ticket gets a chance to play against Trevor in a closest-to-the-pin contest…if they win, they get triple the tickets.  If all members in the foursome buy tickets, then they also get the added advantage of selecting the club Trevor has to use for the shot.

THE HECKLING HITMAN – Give Trevor a power cart and watch him work his magic, charm and wit.  As he drives around the course, he will look for player’s and/or groups to playfully and tastefully target with a “heckling hit.”  The intended target may call off the “heckling-hit” by donating to the cause (AKA: Hiring Trevor to do a Magic Trick) and assigning him another name or group to go heckle instead.  What comes around…goes around!

THE CADDY, COACH & CONJURER – Auction Trevor off at your opening-night cocktail reception, and he will join the successful bidder/group for the next day’s round.  Throughout the day, he will offer helpful golf tips, advice and coaching, perform close-up magic and provide a personalized written swing/game analysis for each of your VIP’s.

THE GAMBLING GOLFER – Golfers are entertained on the tee-box with a short magic routine…but with a twist.  The ending of the routine leaves an opportunity for the golfers to guess what they feel the final outcome of the trick will be.  They answer correctly and they get to advance ahead one set of tee markers on that hole…the more they wager the more boxes they get to move.


Have Trevor spend the entire round on the course with a group of your VIP’s or title sponsors, as a way of thanking them for their continued support.

Throughout the day, Trevor will offer helpful golf tips, advice and coaching, perform close-up magic and provide a personalized written swing/game analysis for each of your VIP’s.

This concept works great for intimate client outings and small office team-building golf retreats.


Have Trevor deliver a motivational address to your guests, highlighting your event’s key messaging or themed to a specific topic of interest.

As a motivational speaker and high-performance sport, life and business coach, Trevor brings a wealth of anecdotal coaching experience.  His casual delivery style and thought-provoking philosophical perspective on life, coaching and growth make him both informative and entertaining.

Other similar options include:  Running team-building activities,  facilitating breakout sessions or participating as a subject matter panellist.


Have Trevor perform his close-up magic at your cocktail style receptions or guest registration night…it is an excellent ice-breaker.

He entertains and engages guests as he flows through the room performing highly visual sleight-of-hand magic with cards, coins and other everyday objects.  All his routines are performed directly in front – and in some cases the hands of – your guests as they mix and mingle through the informal portions of your event agenda.


Have Trevor instruct and inspire your guests – in small groups or collectively – on the putting green or driving range as a way to add value to those in attendance.

He takes pride in keeping “fun” in the fundamentals, and your guests are sure to find some useful nuggets of wisdom and inspiration in his coaching messages.   Best part…anytime they successfully apply their newfound knowledge in the future, they will think fondly of your event…a win-win for everyone with your event leaving an impression which extends well beyond the day-of.

These work well as breakout sessions or team-building activities.


Having Trevor on-site at your tournament for the day, ensures you have a mulligan in your pocket when Mother Nature does not cooperate as you had hoped.

His event experience, creativity and willingness to adapt his services as the environmental needs unfold, make him a valuable resource to golf event organizers when original agenda plans are torn apart by weather delays or mid-round cancellations.

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