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Trevor Moore is an award-winning Magic & Comedy entertainer with an uncanny ability to put those around him at ease.

His professionally polished show and relaxed performance style are the hallmarks of his brand; he is always corporate friendly and suitable for any audience or venue.

Since becoming a professional in 2005, Trevor has performed at private home cocktail parties, headlined comedy clubs and festivals, shared large theatre stages with Saturday Night Live legends, taken the stage for large arena productions of well over 6000 people…and would love to take the stage at an event for you!


Trevor’s unique blend of stand-up magic and comedy is full of elegant sleight-of-hand magic and off-the-cuff humour, ensuring full audience engagement.  Some will say he is a magician, others will say he is a comedian…but everyone will say he is entertaining.

His delivery is both professional and corporate-friendly, which make his performances suitable for virtually any audience or venue, regardless of size or demographic.

The entire performance thrives upon audience interaction and will leave your guests feeling like they were literally a part of the show itself.


Trevor’s “unplugged” close-up magic and comedy show is jam-packed full of elegant sleight-of-hand magic and comedy…it is a fabulous ice-breaking entertainment option for any small function or venue.  It is ideal for groups or 30 or less.

The entire performance is done with both the guests and the performer casually standing around a small table; imagine a blackjack dealer working his table in a casino, with the everyone standing around and watching all the action take place on the table top.

This show requires no special lighting or sound equipment, and can be set-up around virtually any table…card tables, pool tables or large kitchen islands all work well.  All routines are performed up-close and directly in front of – in some cases in the hands of – the guests themselves.

Trevor’s “Unplugged” show is a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience; a unique and elegant way to warm-up any small group or venue.


Trevor’s unique style of roaming close-up magic suits virtually any venue – both standing or seated – and will keep your guests entertained and engaged.

Flowing through the room performing highly visual sleight-of-hand magic with cards, coins and other everyday objects, Trevor adds an additional level of value and wow factor to your overall guest experience.

All his routines are performed directly in front – and in some cases the hands of – your guests as they mix and mingle through the informal portions of your event agenda.

Roaming close-up magic is an excellent way to break the ice and ensure your guests are relaxed and casually entertained throughout your event.


Trevor’s one-of-a-kind background as an award-winning professional entertainer, speaker, coach and PGA of Canada Professional, make him a valuable asset to any event planner.  He is far more than just an emcee; he is a creative resource who will artfully engage your guests while seamlessly threading together your agenda timelines.

Having him steer your agenda on event day will provide you with peace of mind and free up both you and your team to relax and network with your guests.


Not sure exactly what you need?

Trevor will help brainstorm your event needs with you and build a custom a quote sprinkling a variety of his service options across your agenda where needed.

Filling many event roles with one single person makes life simple; on contract, one fee, one performer, multiple options it doesn’t get any simpler than this.  Every event has its own unique needs, feel and personality…which is why custom packages are very popular.

Building your own unique package is only an email or phone call away!