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He's the "ACE" Up Any Conference Planner's Sleeve
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Trevor Moore is an inspiring and informative entertainer with professionally polished material and a creatively casual delivery style.

He is every bit as comfortable performing sleight-of-hand magic or speaking and coaching small groups and individuals, as he is on stage speaking in front of thousands.

He is a master at helping people understand themselves; his creative use of analogies and fresh philosophical outlook on life, sport and business are always thought-provoking.

As a corporate entertainer and coach, Trevor has worked all over Canada and he has appeared on live television…and he’d love to put his dynamic skill set to work for your next conference or corporate event.


Have Trevor deliver a motivational address to your guests, highlighting your event’s key messaging or themed to a specific topic of interest.

As a motivational speaker and high-performance sport, life and business coach, Trevor brings a wealth of anecdotal coaching experience.  His casual delivery style and thought-provoking philosophical perspective on life, coaching and growth make him both informative and entertaining.

Other similar options include:  Running team-building activities,  facilitating breakout sessions or participating as a subject matter panellist.


Have Trevor professionally guide your agenda on event day and he will put you and your fellow organizers at ease, providing peace of mind and time to relax and network with your guests.

As a professional entertainer, speaker and coach, Trevor is uniquely equipped to engage with audience members on multiple levels. He understands audience engagement and has seen event agendas from all three angles…as an organizer, a guest and a speaker/entertainer.  He is truly an event planner’s “triple-threat” any time he is handed the conference microphone, regardless of which hat he is wearing at the time.

Perhaps you also need someone to facilitate a breakout session or moderate a guest-panel Q & A session…these fit nicely with the role of Emcee.


Have Trevor perform a unique blend of stand-up magic and comedy at your awards dinner.  Some say he is a magician, others say he is a comedian…but everyone says he is entertaining.

His delivery is both professional and corporate-friendly, which make his performances suitable for virtually any audience or venue, regardless of size or demographic.  The entire performance thrives upon audience interaction and will leave your guests feeling like they were literally a part of the show itself.

After a long day of learning, a short and light performance after supper is a great way to re-energize your guests for the formal portion of your evening.  This blends perfectly with the role of Emcee…he already has the microphone in his hand anyway.


Consider having Trevor fill multiple roles throughout your conference agenda…he will help you establish the overall feel and rhythm for the day’s events.

His event experience, creativity and willingness to adapt his services as the environmental needs unfold, make him a valuable resource to any event organizer.

Putting a custom package together today is only a phone call or an email away…click here to request your free no-obligation quote today.