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The ACE up every corporate event planner’s sleeve!

As a Professional Speaker & Event Host – with 20yrs of prior experience as a corporate comedy magician, coach, and television host – Trevor’s unique background allows him to respectfully and intelligently engage and interact with his audience. His genuine nature, warm personality, and casual delivery style are hallmarks of his brand.  He has worked in arenas, conference rooms, virtual venues, and theatres, from Vancouver to Halifax.


Happiness, Health & Wellness, is an Inside Job!

When facing challenges and adversity in our lives, we will rely heavily on our habits, self-care routines, and mindset. Ironically, these tend to be the first things we tend to neglect or let go of when our world becomes busy, overwhelming, and unmanageable.

Facing our days on auto-pilot, moving mindlessly from one task to the next, with little in the way of passion, purpose, or clarity, leaves us feeling dejected, fatigued, and frustrated in the end. Trevor will share strategies and perspective shaping moments he has experienced in his life, as a speaker, mindset coach, and mental health advocate.

Understanding what it takes to move from a “Survive Mindset” to a “Thrive Mindset” will empower you to face your challenges, chase your dreams and pursue your goals.


Live & Virtual Options Available

Trevor’s one-of-a-kind background as a speaker and entertainer allows him to engage with audience members on multiple levels. He is truly an event planner’s “triple-threat” any time someone hands him the microphone.

He understands audience engagement and has seen event agendas from all three angles…as an organizer, a guest, and a speaker/entertainer. So much more than just an emcee; he is a creative resource who will artfully engage your guests while seamlessly threading together your agenda timelines

His ability to adapt to his environment makes him the perfect person to host your panel discussions, facilitate your fireside chat and/or roundtable discussions.

Having him steer your agenda on the event day will provide you with peace of mind and free up both you and your team to relax and network with your guests.


Corporate Friendly; Keeping the FUN in Funny!

Trevor’s award-winning Magic & Comedy has been seen at private home cocktail parties, golf tournaments, conferences, corporate outings, galas, theatres, arenas, online virtual events and comedy clubs from Vancouver to Halifax…and he would love to take the microphone at an event for you.

His professionally polished show and relaxed performance style are the hallmarks of his brand; he always keeps the FUN in funny and is corporate-friendly and suitable for any audience or venue. His unique blend of stand-up magic and comedy will leave some of your guests saying he is a magician, others will say he is a comedian…but rest assured, everyone will say he is entertaining.

The entire performance thrives upon audience interaction and will leave your guests feeling like they were a part of the show itself.

All tech, audio, lighting and staging requirements for these shows are determined by both the size of the audience and the venue.


Interactive Q & A

As a speaker and coach, with 20-years of experience as a television host and professional comedy magician, he is not afraid of rolling with the punches. He can interview anyone and draw out the gold inside the conversation.

Trevor will artfully facilitate conversations with your team and help them shape perspective, foster communication, embrace challenges and empower people to pursue growth and accept change both personally and professionally.

Blair McDowell, Director of Golf / General Manager

Trevor Moore is a uniquely talented performer who has the ability to engage his audience with a creative blend of humour, magic and golf anecdotes. It one of a kind night of entertainment for any golf event!

Blair McDowell, Director of Golf / General Manager

Vince Kishimoto

Trevor was a real pro to work with. Not only did he provide a hilarious opening to our conference, his up close and personal magical entertainment at our evening reception kept everyone fascinated and amazed.

Vince Kishimoto, Golf Business Canada Conference Chair Regional Director Central - Ontario Chapter

Dave Kaplan,

Golf’s version of David Blaine!

Dave Kaplan