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Skating With Your Head Down

Much like everyone else, the Humboldt Bronco tragedy has weighed heavy on my mind. I have been collecting my thoughts

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Honestly, I Due Have a Job

I am sure many have asked themselves “what on earth does Trevor actually do for a living?” and I certainly

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Time for a change

If you are looking for a way to really challenge yourself and your golf game this season, consider doing things

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Nothing Like a Good Book

I am an avid reader – maybe collector is a more accurate description…lol – of books and have many favourites.

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The Critical 97 Percent

If I told you a specific skill only amounted to three per cent of your next round of golf, how

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Science Facts About Golf

Everyone has a repertoire of interesting yet useless facts…here are a random facts about golf. Don’t forget to share some

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A Special Performance

Not all performances are the same; this one was special and will stick with me for a long time. This

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Club Fitting for Taller Ladies

Should everyone have their clubs custom fit? No, custom fitting is not always necessary. However it is important to remember

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Secret Handshake Required
Shhhhh….it’s not a blog; it’s a clubhouse.

My re-branding efforts from last year have now moved toward phase II…but remember, it’s not a blog; it’s a clubhouse.

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