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Right or Left Handed?

It is a common sight over the summer holidays to see both parents and grandparents bringing their young children to

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Part 1 of 4 – Golf Tips: Up Hill Lie

Hitting shots off level ground can be tough enough at times; however, the game requires us to occasionally hit shots

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Part 2 of 4 – Golf Tips: Down Hill Lie

When you understand the nuances of slope work, the task is not nearly as daunting.  Take some time to learn

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Part 3 of 4 – Golf Tips: Side Hill Lie – Ball Above Feet

When you find your golf ball on a hill with the ball above your feet on a side hill lie, Arm

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Part 4 of 4 – Golf Tips: Side Hill Lie – Ball Below Feet

When you find your golf ball on a hill with the ball below your feet on a side hill lie,

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Note To Self: Maintain Perspective

The 2018 golf season is upon us and the local courses are all open; It is quite possible some of

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On-Course Playing Lessons

Why are golf lessons primarily delivered on the driving range and putting green rather than on the golf course itself?

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Mentoring For Success

Do want your child to be successful? The simple answer is yes…of course! Since 1993 I have had the pleasure

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Let’s Be Clear; We Are Talking About Practice

If I asked you why you practise something, what would you say? Every time I ask a client this question

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