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Team Building: It’s About Raising Not Hazing

To those who say hazing and initiation rituals are simply synonyms for team-building…I regret to say, you are sadly mistaken.

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Trevor “Douglas” Moore

Who is Trevor “Douglas” Moore? So let me address the obvious answer here…YES, it is me, but that is not

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Whole. Not Hole.

Let me be honest… I have times where my life feels incomplete and full of holes; I am sure many

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Mentoring For Success

Do want your child to be successful? The simple answer is yes…of course! Since 1993 I have had the pleasure

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Let’s Be Clear; We Are Talking About Practice

If I asked you why you practise something, what would you say? Every time I ask a client this question

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Secret Handshake Required
Shhhhh….it’s not a blog; it’s a clubhouse.

My re-branding efforts from last year have now moved toward phase II…but remember, it’s not a blog; it’s a clubhouse.

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Part 1 of 5 – Golf’s Five Fundamentals – Grip

Your body only has one direct connection to the golf club and it is your grip…it is the most important

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Part 2 of 5 – Golf’s Five Fundamentals – Stance

A good fundamental golf stance creates the structure for all your core body movements in the swing.  Spend some time

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Part 3 of 5 – Golf’s Five Fundamentals – Core Body Movements

Understanding the fundamental golf swing movements is easier than you think.  Get your core body movements down and you will

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Part 4 of 5 – Golf’s Five Fundamentals – Balance

Balance is present in all highly functioning golf swings. Get your golf swing balanced and under control and take your

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Part 5 of 5 – Golf’s Five Fundamentals – Hand Eye Co-ordination

Golf hand eye coordination plays a critical role in the quality of your contact. Spend some time on the range

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Start Golfing Young

If you are a passionate golfer with young children and have ever wondered the best age to start your child

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