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On-Course Playing Lessons

Why are golf lessons primarily delivered on the driving range and putting green rather than on the golf course itself? Clients often request to be instructed on the course and

Mentoring For Success

Do want your child to be successful? The simple answer is yes…of course! Since 1993 I have had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring in many environments. I have spent

Let’s Be Clear; We Are Talking About Practice

If I asked you why you practise something, what would you say? Every time I ask a client this question – regardless of whether we are talking golf, hockey, business

Honestly, I Due Have a Job

I am sure many have asked themselves “what on earth does Trevor actually do for a living?” and I certainly don’t blame anyone for asking. My existence tends to be

Time for a change

If you are looking for a way to really challenge yourself and your golf game this season, consider doing things differently. I am not suggesting you use a different swing

Nothing Like a Good Book

I am an avid reader – maybe collector is a more accurate description…lol – of books and have many favourites. When it comes to golf specific titles in my personal

The Critical 97 Percent

If I told you a specific skill only amounted to three per cent of your next round of golf, how hard would you focus on improving it? Virtually every one

Science Facts About Golf

Everyone has a repertoire of interesting yet useless facts…here are a random facts about golf. Don’t forget to share some of yours in the comment section below. I have not

Club Fitting for Taller Ladies

Should everyone have their clubs custom fit? No, custom fitting is not always necessary. However it is important to remember there is zero downside to having it done. The benefits

Shhhhh….it’s not a blog; it’s a clubhouse.

My re-branding efforts from last year have now moved toward phase II…but remember, it’s not a blog; it’s a clubhouse. I could not be more excited!  In the past 18 months