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PGA of Canada Magic Promo Video

This is just a fun promo-video I put together for the PGA of Canada, to help cross-promote their Tee Talks

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Witnessing real magic

I vividly remember feeling like I witnessed a moment of “real magic” and it took my breath away.  On one

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Where it all began

When I look back at where it all started for me professionally in the world of magic, this routine would

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Welcome to Mindset Magic

Welcome to Mindset Magic. Since the spring of 2006, I have been writing a bi-weekly seasonal golf column for the

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Trevor “Douglas” Moore

Who is Trevor “Douglas” Moore? So let me address the obvious answer here…YES, it is me, but that is not

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Whole. Not Hole.

Let me be honest… I have times where my life feels incomplete and full of holes; I am sure many

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Team Building: It’s About Raising Not Hazing

To those who say hazing and initiation rituals are simply synonyms for team-building…I regret to say, you are sadly mistaken.

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Note To Self: Maintain Perspective

The 2018 golf season is upon us and the local courses are all open; It is quite possible some of

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Mentoring For Success

Do you want your child to be successful? The simple answer is yes…of course! Since 1993 I have had the

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