Honestly, I Due Have a Job

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I am sure many have asked themselves “what on earth does Trevor actually do for a living?” and I certainly don’t blame anyone for asking.

My existence tends to be a little abstract at times.

More often than not perception is likely skewed largely by the fact I seem to have a ton of fun doing what I do.

Behind it all, I am an entrepreneur with many of the same fears, headaches and stressors as everyone else.

Tonight I managed to use my funny bone to squish two things which caused me great stress and anxiety over the past year and a half.

2018 is off to a great start…it is not even the end of January, yet I have already tackled two big fears!

What two things did I tackle?

Well…I took on my fear of video editing and then I attempted blogging/vlogging about it.

This is where you all became guinea pigs in my experiment….this video was the result of my time today.  No pressure; however, I sincerely hope you are all as excited and proud of me as MY MOM was when she saw it!

FYI—–>If you noticed the spelling mistake in the title…it is alright, I addressed it in the video!

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