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If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself and your golf game this season, consider doing things differently.

I am not suggesting you use a different swing nor buy different equipment. I am however asking you to think differently and look outside the box for ways to challenge yourself and improve.

Why is change important?

One of the biggest reasons players plateau is boredom. They play the same course, at the same time of day, from the same tees with the same playing partners. It is okay to love everything just as it is; however, you will see your game get stale and remain the same as well.

If you need a shot of enthusiasm in your game and want to push yourself to a new plateau, consider the following ways to do things differently this season.

Firstly, make sure you play with different people on occasion.

You learn a lot from watching your playing partners tee it up – some things are good and others bad – but players often fail to realize how repetitively playing with someone will shape their playing style. Getting out with new people will give you a fresh look at the course through a different set of eyes and may change your perspective on how best to navigate the course.

Secondly, get yourself out to play other golf courses.

We tend to play our home course in a fog because we see it so often. We rarely take the time we need to appropriately establish a game plan for the round and each shot. When you hit the same shot daily for months in a row, you eventually quit thinking altogether. This leads to lazy thinking and poor planning or focus.

Thirdly, utilize the full range of tee box options.

If you are not able to play other courses as often as you would like, you can simply modify your home course by rotating your rounds through the various tee box options offered. Changing tee boxes will force you to think a bit more about your club selection, your target lines and even your strategy.

Lastly, play different formats.

The game is ruled by standard stroke play formats but the game has so much more to offer. Playing match play, alternate shot, best ball scrambles or skins games will keep it interesting and enjoyable. You will learn to hit shots from different positions, deal with the stress of having partners to support you and learn to manage risk-reward situations better.

The bottom line, the less you change the monotony of your day, the less your day will change. Finding ways to keep yourself excited and heighten your awareness will lead you toward growth as a player.

Please leave comments below…would love to hear what you have done to successfully combat boredom, plateaus or slumps in your game?

Have the BEST day you can!

Trevor Moore – CPGA, TPI-CGFI, CFI

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